Tinhorn Creek Vineyards 2012 Oldfield Series 2Bench Rosé - 88pts

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards 2012 Oldfield Series 2Bench Rosé (Golden Mile Bench) Okanagan Valley - BC

: Releases June 1st. Direct from winery here
Cost: $22.99
Alcohol: 12.7%
Production: 786 cases
Date Tasted: May 5th, 2013

Tasting Notes: Despite a change from 100% Cabernet Franc to a blend of 51% Franc and 49% Syrah, the signature light brick/salmon colour remains consistent, as does the refreshing blend of cranberry and strawberry-kiwi fruit flavours, ever-so-light tannins and delightful, aromatic nose. Where things do change is in the overall balance and perception of sweetness, which, despite the mouth-watering lime rind and tangy cran-apple acidity, results in a slightly sweeter mid-palate and quiets the mineral notes (admittedly, nitpicky stuff).

Always a great dinner wine, the 2012 edition is no different with, seemingly, the excellent Spanish tapas from Tinhorn's on site restaurant Miradoro, the intended food pairing. Though, if a visit to the restaurant isn't in your future, you will find it incredibly versatile and easy to pair this wine with something at home... like a chair positioned to watch the sun go down. Drink now-2014.
 - Liam Carrier ©copyright 2013 IconWines.ca

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