McGuigan Wines 2009 Black Label Shiraz - 84pts

McGuigan Wines 2009 Black Label Shiraz (South Eastern Australia) Australia

Availability: Widely available in BC and Ont.

Cost: $9-11

Alcohol: 14.0%

Date Tasted: June 13th, 2010

Tasting Notes: The "Black Label" series is the mass-produced wines from Australian producer McGuigan. "South Eastern Australia" refers to a catch-all region that can contain fruit from South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Essentially, this means they are blending for flavours, piecing together a peppery note from here and a dark cherry note from there, looking to create a traditionally flavoured Aussie Shiraz rather than trying to express a sense of terroir - a sense of place. This is a practice down with more expensive Australian wines as well, and one, like with this example, that can produce a very easy-drinking and satisfying wine.

Offering great value, this is straight-forward, simple Shiraz with classic aromas of cherries, black pepper and blackberries. Flavours of red and dark fruit follow suit on the palate. Inky-purple in colour with a moderate, lingering spicy finish and none of the bitter aftertaste you often get with cheap wine.

Off-dry, but slightly too sweet in the balance which may put some drinkers off. But this can be moderated by serving the wine slightly chilled and with food. It paired nicely with a grilled, peppercorn flavoured T-bone steak with grilled asparagus. Drink now, this is not a wine that will improve with age.
 - Liam Carrier

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