Yellow Tail 2007 The Reserve Chardonnay - 85pts

Yellow Tail 2007 "The Reserve" Chardonnay - Australia

Decanted: 0 hr

Cost: $17.99 (BC Liquor Stores)
Date: August 19, 2009

Tasting Notes: I tasted this wine at Cookworks' kick-off Chef's Table event that was co-promoted by Yellow Tail, who supplied the wine. Vancouver icon Chef Karen Barnaby supplied the food and instruction throughout the 6 course meal. More on the event on our blog site:

This is a decent Chardonnay for those who love fully French-oaked, smoky, butter-bomb Chards. This wine has an eye-catching, melted-butter colour that complements the butter and creamy palate. Some melon and tropical fruits flavours help make this an easy-drinking, slightly off-dry wine that paired very nicely with two of the courses served at the event: Garlic & Chilies Edamame and Rare Tuna with Pear, Pine Nuts and Chili Oil.

I found the wine a little too balanced, even a bit bland. I think this Chardonnay could use a bit more acidity to help cut the buttery palate, but overall a good effort by Yellow Tail and a noticeably more complex Chard than their standard level offering. - LC

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