Jackson-Triggs 2007 SunRock Chardonnay - 88pts

Jackson-Triggs 2007 SunRock Vineyards Chardonnay (Okanagan Valley) Canada

Decanted: 0hr

Cost: $18-reduced (BC Liquor Stores)

Date: August 28th, 2009

Tasting Notes: The release price for this wine is $25.99. However, recently I was able to find it for $18.79 at a BC Liquor Store in downtown Vancouver. At this reduced price this translucent-gold sipper can compete as one of BC's best under-$20 Chardonnays. At the regular price it loses out to some of BC's great boutique Chards like La Frenz or Road 13.

The SunRock vineyard, located on mountain slopes above Osoyoos Lake in southern Okanagan Valley, produces Jackson-Triggs' most critically acclaimed wines. This Chardonnay is a mellow charmer. No big butter-bomb oak explosions in this wine, more subtle tastes of tropical fruits, wet slate and margarine (rather than butter). The nose has a soothing quality, inviting you to enjoy the many layers of pears, mangos and melons. The finish is long and fine. This is a well structured wine that adeptly represents the range of flavours a BC Chardonnay can deliver. - LC

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