DD Leobard Winery NV Tansi - 80pts

DD Leobrad Winery Non-Vintage Tansi (Manitoba Prairies) Canada

Decanted: ohr

Cost: $14 (Private Wine Stores)

Date: August 9th, 2009

Tasting Notes: This is an oddity of a wine from Winnipeg's sole producer; DD Leobard Winery. This semi-sweet wine is made from fermenting the sap tapped from Manitoban Birch trees.

A nose of damp, freshly-cut wood and mild fruit notes precedes a palate of muted tropical fruits and short finish. Where this wine redeems itself is from its surprisingly advantageous pairing with food. The wine came alive when it was matched with spicy Indian samosas. The garam masala spice of the samosa unlocked the wine's chastity belt and made the drinking of it a worthwhile experience. This wine cannot handle the pressure of performing solo, it should only be served with food of a spicy nature. - LC

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