Chateau Pesquie Terrasses Grenache-Syrah - 90 pts

Chateau Pesquie Terrasses 2006 Grenache-Syrah (Ventoux - Rhone Valley)

Decanted: 30 min

Cost: $18.99 (BC Liquor Store)

Tasting Notes: Dark and smooth. The nose is sweet berries offset by spice and roses. The palate is berries, cherries, and pepper, and a nice spice finish. An opulent offering from Chateau Pesquie. This is one of those bargains I read so much about. RP rates this as a 92 and at $19 this is has a high cost to quality ratio.

I tasted this when it was about 32 Celsius out. Maybe not the best temperature for a fullish red wine, but I haven't had any red for awhile and was going into withdrawal. This would pair well with the new Metric album (Fantasies) while dreaming of the fall in a heat induced coma. - HC

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