Black Widow Gewurztaminer - 81 pts

Black Widow 2007 Gewurztaminer (Naramata Bench, British Columbia)

0 hr

Cost: $20.00 (Winery)

Tasting notes: A little thin. The nose has nice hints of lychee fruit, pineapple, and small smoke. The palate is thin (maybe a little grapefruit) and for the most part non-descript and did not have the fruit tastes or sweetness that I would expect from a BC gewerz. The finish was dry and a little bitter. Overall not bad and was much better paired with a spicy Indian dish.

When visiting the Winery I was extremely impressed with their Oasis but was not able to purchase it at the time. A decent Canadian wine that was opened on a beautiful and sunny Canada Day. - HC

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