SynchroMesh Wines 2014 Stormhaven Vineyard Riesling - 93+pts

SynchroMesh Wines 2014 Stormhaven Vineyard Riesling (Okanagan Falls) Okanagan Valley - BC

: Direct from winery here
Cost: $35 (including taxes)
Alcohol: 9.4%
Date Tasted: June 29th, 2015


Tasting Notes: Yes, it's a pricey wine, especially for a variety that one usually pays in the range of $15-25 for, but tasting is believing and the Stormhaven Vineyard Riesling is an exceptional example of just how good the Germanic grape can be when it is treated with the admiration it deserves as it has by the winemaking team at Synchromesh.

Riesling can be as complex and as intriguing as any red varietal, and that's without the aid of enhanced flavours and structure from new oak. It transmits terroir and even evolves in the glass like a classic Pinot Noir (when allowed to warm-up a bit). Yet, it can be a hard sell in the Okanagan with some producers moving away from the variety and ripping out their vines. Thankfully, Synchromesh is championing the Riesling grape with 5 unique bottlings available. They are truly, all-in for Riesling.

The Stormhaven Vineyard release is their flagship Riesling, produced from their Okanagan Falls property. It has a whopping, 35gpl of residual sugar, yet, finishes (very nearly) dry thanks to the effortless balance of the natural acidity and flavour profile of stone fruits and minerals - peaches, mangos, nectarines and river stones. Notes of sweet melon and herbs add depth while the long, long finish is kissed by citrus.

This is a Riesling that should age well, but only time will tell (it is a fairly young vineyard, after all). Though, my guess is this wine will evolve in the cellar for another 10+ years. Drink now-2025+.
 - Liam Carrier ©copyright 2015

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